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Official stats are almost impossible to verify, but the most accurate independent reverse telephone lookup estimates and claim a 72% hit rate for wireless numbers, and a 84% rate for land line telephone numbers for all telephone number look up traces. If these figures are correct, then the accuracy of the search results must be very impressive to satisfy the high consumer demand for fast, convenient, and accurate data in this high growth sector. Add to those factors the very clean and user-friendly phone search interfaces with the previously mentioned accuracy and utility that only an instant online reverse telephone search can provide makes for a satisfying user experience.

Phone Detective affiliates and private investigators report that cellular phone numbers are the most heavily searched by a greater than 2 to 1 margin, with people records & address information, criminal background checks, and general public records or property searches next. Looking at the claimed refund
rates for the three main providers of cell phone lookup’s of around 5-10%, these figures appear to be plausible. Coinciding with this increasing trend upward in mobile phone usage, a host of internet based companies are offering services that are powered by sophisticated data-mining techniques.

As the world continues to move towards wireless based communication, the need to obtain accurate and timely phone information grows accordingly. These independent vendors use powerful algorithm’s to search through vast public record databases to successfully match a phone number to a name and address, even for cell numbers and unlisted numbers. These reverse cell lookups are completely legal in that no subterfuge, coersion, or pretexting is used to obtain the information of the cell phone number from the owner or carrier.

Cell phones are a wonderful invention. We are a mobile society and therefore a mobile phone is very nearly a necessity. However, if you miss a call, they can be a liability because you do not know the name of the person who called. If you try to conduct a free reverse phone number search, you will definitely not get any information because cellular accounts are private numbers. If you need to know the name of a caller, in addition to other types of information, you have the ability to conduct a search from the privacy and safety of your one home or business office. You can even conduct a background checks concerning the mysterious caller. There are different reasons to find out a caller’s identity and background. If you are getting prank or obscene phone calls, which are crimes, a search would be very helpful. If you simply would like to know if the caller was a telemarketer, that is easily done as well. However, if you are trying to conduct a search for free, you are in for a long, frustrating experience. There are many online reverse cell phone lookup search sites that claim to help you make free searches.

As a private investigator of over 20 years experience, I am often asked “Is it possible to do a Cell Phone Lookup for free? The answer surprisingly is “yes”. However, to do a reverse cell phone lookup for free involves contacting the cell phone carrier and pretending to be someone you are not, which is now a felony! If you need help with a reverse cell phone lookup, the only legal way is to use an online cell phone database.

Other sites claim outlandish reverse phone look up success rates:

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84% Accuracy Score On Cell Phone Lookups, more services than just phone numbers,
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The truth is that success rates rarely top 80%, and there are only two major suppliers of reverse cell lookup databases in the entire nation.

Until recently, you could not perform a reverse cellular phone lookup. You could only search for landlines for homes or offices by searching in the phone book, calling an operator or online. You could not lookup cell phone numbers due to the fact that they were protected by the cellular phone companies. Because of the major demand to perform a reverse cellular phone lookup, companies created and developed cell phone number directory databases. This gives you the capability to perform a search if you are getting unknown callers calling you on your mobile phone.

For instance, you are constantly plagued with calls from prank callers who strategically time their calls at unholy hours. Of course, you want to put an end to such disturbance. The problem is, there are no public listings for cell phone numbers unlike the telephone directories of the landline phones.

A fast way to put an end to all of these stupid calls is to check out a reverse cell phone lookup site. These sites have tons of personal information on tons of different cell phone numbers. Information such as names and addresses as well as where the cell phone was issued in some cases. Having this information at your disposal will allow you to take the steps you need to in order to get the calls to stop. Stop waiting and do something about it now and end it the calls for good.

What you need to do is perform a Google search for a reverse cell phone lookup service. Once you find one, you’ll have a register your details and pay the small fee that is required by every service of this kind. Once you’ve done that… you can perform your cell phone number searches. So, if you noted down the suspicious numbers from your husband’s cell phone… you can type those numbers in and get instant access to the information of the phone owner.

I can only imagine that as cell phone users increase, so too will the demand to perform these reverse lookups. Perhaps the best option is to do a search on the different types of services out there that allow you to perform lookups. Just like any other type of service, there is the good, the bad and the ugly. Unless you do your due diligence, the chances are not likely that you will find a reverse cell phone lookup service that actually delivers value for the price you pay.

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